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Redirection of Tor Users
Tor anonymity network users are advised to use the Cat out of the Bag Tor website at vkpriz2cjzymgpsp.onion. The Tor anonymity network circumvents possible surveillance, content filtering / blocking, and/or content tampering by Communications Intelligence (COMINT) services of various countries and provides authentication by means of Tor address schematics.
Cat out of the Bag 1, 1st Revision
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Neven Lovrićs' public keys
To encrypt or messages and/or files or verify their OpenPGP signatres using my OpenPGP public keys and/or sign them using your OpenPGP secret key, use the GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG), PGP Desktop, or similar. For an ad hoc solution, use PGP Portable. Also send me your OpenPGP public key if you wish to receive a response.
You may contact me at or, more preferably, at Make sure to encrypt the message and send me your OpenPGP public key if you wish to receive a response - see section OpenPGP above.

If you send the e-mail to or it may get tracked, blocked, and/or faked. To transmit anonymously, open a Tor Mail account. To connect to Tor Mail, use the Tor anonymity network.
Websites Worth Visiting
Freedom of Speech, Privacy, and So On Organizations
Operating Systems
End-User Cryptography, Anonymity, and Related Programs and Services
Hacking Magazines, Conventions, Communication Sites, and Groups
Warning: In the Peoples' Republic of Crina, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Syrian Arab Republic, and perhaps another country or two, you may be lawfully penalized (i.e. fined, imprisoned, and/or executed) for using encryption as it is illegal to use it in most cases without special persmission from the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution or a similar body in the respective country.
Valid Official Websites and Their Mirrors
This list shall be published for each month or several months on the then-valid official Cat out of the Bag website and its' mirros. It shall always be signed using my 2012-04-11 OpenPGP key or my laterst OpenPGP public key [Internet | Tor] (must be signed with my 2012-04-11 OpenPGP key).